Sunday, 10 June 2012

Makeup: Mocha choc (Collection 2000 trio)

Hi guys, how r you? I just received my order of 25 pairs of earrings fish hooks so I can make some cute earrings. More about that when they're all nice and done, I'll show you then :)
Today I just want to show you my make-up today. Last Friday I went shopping with my friend and they had an awesome Collection 2000 sale. I bought a little different stuff, I generally like their products. Today I used one of the palettes, the Mocha Choc one. 

The pink in the middle didn't turn out as pink on the picture as in real life.

Eyes and lips. As you can see the pink doesn't really kick in  and turns out to look more like a silvery shadow. I also found it chalky .

So, what are you up to on the wonderful.. Cloudy relatively cold day?
 - Elk

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