Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My day: A trip to amusement park

Hi all. So yesterday me and my friend Charlotte AKA Lenny went to the amusement park where I work to have fun and not work :D I didn't take that many pictures but I did take some. I was kind of dissapointed actually, it was more boring than I remembered it to be :) the weather was kind of against us, it changed all the time. Sun, rain, sun, rain etc. It rained exactly as a long at a time so I stopped, took my coat on and then the rain stopped. That happened about five times at it was windy. But there weren't many people. Now for some pictures.

I left home so early that she wasn't even awake when I went to pick her up so we had to stop before we started to fix some make up.

There were these cute dogs. I kinda felt like a creeper taking pictures of people who I didn't know's dogs.

The other dog. Soo cute! Just a puppy :)

Lunch. Lovely disgusting, fries, french hot dogs and soda.
Luckily it was raining for a LONGER period of time when we were eating.
Lenny on top, me a bottom.

Lenny was feeling kind of sick so we sat down before this ride. We'd bet on who came longest down on the black mats, it was alot of fun and we both won several times.

Some pictures of the decorations at the Seal ride which is just sailing around in a little boat.

More Seal ride decor.

Probably the biggest/craziest ride in the park. This swings so much you get turned upside down, oh yeah it goes higher than the picture but not all the way around (thank God!). I've tried it twice, it's a lot of fun but I was scared of losing my glasses.

So that's it. I also took some video footage of the river rafting course. Trying to see if I can compose a little video but I'm not sure.

xoxo Elk

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