Monday, 8 August 2011

Haul: A big one!

Didn't think I'd have it up tonight but here it is! I can tell you that I found my old camera that can actually take pictures like.. For real! I had some issues with my camcorder + pictures = shakyyyy!


This is just a coral dress. I have tried it and I'm not too crazy about it, but it was on sale, I needed some new clothes so I figured why not. It's so sheer though that you can see right through it if you don't have anything underneath! It stinches in at about.. A little under the breasts, over the waste - something like that, and has two front pockets.

The item here is the red skirt, the skirt underneath is the same, yes, in navy blue that I already owned. I just liked it so much that I couldn't not buy it in red too. The red is a bit darker than on the picture. From H&M too ;)

Oh no she didn't! Oh yes I did! I bought a 2-pack pair of black tights 'cause I always wear them and a black pair of flight socks because I have restless legs syndrome and hope they'll help on my like.. 7 hour flight to New York.
(Sorry for shaky picture!) Next up is a beaaaautiful moss green top from H&M which has these.. Crystals I guess? Shiny plastic things at the top and it looks so pretty. I'm going to wear it tomorrow, so excited about it that I need to ;)

First up is a light gray haulter top that I got today at the 2nd hand shop. It has some gold hearts on it at the chest. It stinches in under the breasts which I like. It's from Sparkz.

Last but not least this skirt I'm crazy about! I really like it and am wearing it at the moment. It has pockets too which I didn't notice so I was happily surprised. Liek 'dem pockeets :D!


Just a big but awesome tote bag. This is really going to a fave, I can feel it!

Two bangles my mom didn't want, so she gave them to me :D

I. Had. To. Get. These. EARRINGS!! I mean how can you not??! They ghettoblasters and and lightning bolts and and stars! And they're neon yellow and neon pink and blue and and! They're very street and awesome paired with some of those studs studs because I have several piercings in my ears!

Here are six pairs of studs in shape of.. STUDS! I get a laugh 'outta that all the time!

This adorable little purse/wallet/clutch thing. I love the colour and the design, it has three compartments and you can clip the little holder thing on and off to make it into a purse, wristlet or clutch. It has really good space in it even though its small.

.. My drawer to fill nail stuff is full ..
1. 100 fake nails with nail adhesive, they're very long and hurt to wear, I can't actually do anything when I wear them so I guess I'll use them for costume wear.
2. Sally Hansen Xtreme wear hard as nails topcoat, no. 100 Invisible.
3. Pre glues fake nails. Long too but not THAT long, THEY'RE SO PRETTY!
4. I had to get both :D I actually tried that pair and pre-glued my ass! I'm happy I bought nail adhesive!
5. Just a polish with a thin brush. Shamrock green.
6. Beautiful nailpolish but crappy quality. This is actually my second bottle, simply because I haven't found any other polish that looks alike and I need this colour... Bad...
7. A little wheel with nail decorations looking like slices of fruits and flowers. These has some name, can't remember what it is...

Make up

1. Has a really nice orange tint to it. (I really like an orange tint on the lips :D) and it smells sooo good, exactly lice ice tea.
2. It's called "Chachi's fried ice cream" isn't that cute? Besides that the product itself is brown in the tub, but comes up clear (thank God), it's says on the back that it's a lipgloss which I don't understand. It's a lip balm, duh. And it smells - like heaven! Mmm, chocolate heaven.

So I guess this is a 2 in 1 blush? The colour comes up really bad on the picture. Apparantly my camera does not like to take pictures of red colours, but in the little swatch picture you can see.
1. Is the light park, really nice for a cheek highlight.
2. Is the darker part on it's own, this is a little too pink for my taste, but it's OK if I don't get too much product on.
3. Is the two mixed together and my personel favorite.

Two mascaras from Rimmel. Day 2 Night in black and Extra Super Lash in Black brown, actually really disappointed about the colour because I wanted a brown and this just looks black, but if you study it VERY closely it looks charcoal.. And to be honest, no one studies the colour of you mascara unless it's like GREEn or PURPLE or PINK etc.


Who is that? My crazy neighbor? Nope it's me - OH YEAH! I just wanted to show you my new glasses. I really dislike them, they don't suit me very well and you can't really see my beautiful eye make up :( So I'll get another pair soon.

So many candles I'm ashamed. I don't even wanna say how much candles worth of money there is here...

This perfume from my local random things imported from China store! AKA Panda warehouse. Coconut perfume, smells like.. Coconuts.. And a little bit of rubbing alcohol which I suppose is just due to the pretty poor quality of this product. But I'm a sucker for cheap crappy stuff.

Hope you liked the big haaaul. Next time I do a haul I'll not post such a long post again, hard to edit and probably annoying to read - soooory :S
BUT! Now that I got my old camera back so I can ACTUALLY take pictures again (YAAAY) I can do make up look of the day and outfit of the day. See ya'll soon!

xoxo Elk

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  1. i love the earrings! so funky! and that first dress looks like a really cute dress to wear at the beach over ur swimmers :)
    awesome blog btw, im following u, follow back?