Thursday, 28 July 2011

Summer besties tag!

Hia guys! As with most of the tags I do, I tag myself :D these are my summer besties :)

1) Lip product

My Biocura Beauty lipbalm in Fruity and Shine. It's a lip balm and a lipgloss at the same time, it's super pretty and shiny, it smells really good and tastes like sugar :D it stays on for a long time and it's very light.. Loove <3

2) Blush and 5) Powder face product

I combined this category only because I don't use a powder or bronzer on a regular basis so this product covers both categories. My Rimmel London powder blush in the colour 031 BERRY, it probably looks boring which is exactly what I thought when I saw it in the store, then I swatched it and fell in love. It's very toned down and looks great on me, applies really well too :)

3) Nail Polish

I have sooo many nailpolishes I haven't got one favortie for summer. But this is a colour I have really been craving this summer! This is 070 from [b]asic. The colour shows up really bad, it's orange like the Blogspot icon ;)

4) Liquid face product

My mattifying face cream from Kult. I got the face wash and the face cream. The face cream STIIINKS! So synthetic but it mattifies and soaks in, something which is a huge issue for me! I haven't been using this so much but, so far so good :)

6) Hair product

Besides hair ties, it's gotta be my Garnier Mother of Pearl and Cherry conditioner. I always have a hard time untangleing my hair after showering, but this solves that problem. It gives a nice shine, makes my hair really soft and has a fantastic smell that lingers!

7) Eye product

This is my cream eyeshadow from Oriflame in the colour Sandy Brown. I looove this! I get compliments on this every time I wear it. I usually use it as a base and then I build my gorgeous nude-ish look onto this. It's love! <3

8) Self Tanner (or any tanning item)

I am white like a blank piece of paper! If I ever dare going out into the sun I go aaaaaall red! So I don't tan, in any way - not even self tan! I love my natural teint ;) what I do do, is use my sunscreen that I really like from Piz Buin which has some weird thing in it that enhances the slight colour I do get, so I guess it's kind of a tanning product.

9) Fashion accessory

I think it'll be these shoes. I really like them, I'm not one of those girls like them Sex and the City girls who always rund around in high heels, my feet get so soar! But the heels on these shoes aren't very high, the fancy but still casual. I really liiike them! :)

10) Clothing piece

This dress from H&M. This is the picture from their website but I do own this myself though ;) This one has a slight V neck I noticed and my doesn't. Otherwise it's the same model. Again I like this because it's comfy, dressy and casual all in one :)

Hope you liked the tag, please do your own summerbesties! I'd love to read it/see it, if you do please leave a link in the comments.

xo Elk

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