Monday, 28 April 2014

Vegan Adventure

Hello guys, I thought I'd make a bit of a random post today, and it's about food! (No pictures, sorry.)
So A week ago I started and adventure - a vegan adventure. If you are like "what da heel is dat gurl talkin' 'bout?" then I'm gonna tell you right now!

So if you don't know, vegan is a way of being or a way of eating, I chose the eating part. Vegans do not eat meat, nor dairy or eggs - all in all, no animal products.

I've always been very interested in nutrition and food, I've always liked watching reports and documentaries about it, and my interest for nutrition probably stems from the fact that I'm overweight and have been all my life. I've always known that vegetarians and vegans existed, and I've always known what they were and how they ate, but I had always thought that it was too extreme for me, and that the key to loosing weight for me would just to eat healthier. If you didn't know, I lived at a boarding school for four years, from age 14 to 18 and I felt like the reason I was still overweight was because someone else cooked my food, and I couldn't go on a diet.

Therefore, I was stoked when I moved into my own apartment, with my own kitchen - now I could be totally in charge of my food! And I was SURE that things would change - that was almost 8 months ago. And guess what, nothing happened. I didn't loose weight despite being in charge of my food and riding 30 - 40 km each week, my bicycle and my feet the only form of transportation I have.

Then, in the end of December, after having failed The Dukan Diet, I stumbled upon Forks Over Knives, a documentary, on Netflix. If you haven't seen it - go see it! Basically the message is that a whole-foods, plant based (basically vegan) diet is the best for a long and healthy life. When I saw that I thought to myself "of course! If I don't want diabetes, cancer and all those other diseases running in my family, I have to do this!". However, changing your diet completely, from one day to the other is not easy, and the stress of a completely new way of eating and not having any repertoire of recipes to fall back on, the mission to starting eating vegan only became a dream.

But then, some months ago I discovered Freelee the Banana Girl on YouTube and I thought DAMN! I wish I could look like that and have her energy. I was scared to start eating like Freelee, worried that I couldn't do it because I didn't have a repertoire of recipes, scared that I couldn't afford it and just plain old scared of leaving my comfort zone.

I think that I essentially wasn't ready to change, but about two weeks ago I realized what the key is to starting - simplicity. Breakfeast? How about some apple, maybe some pears. Lunch, have some grapes, maybe some radishes. Afternoon cravings? A delicious smoothie with banana, frozen berries and soy milks should satisfy that. Dinner? All you can eat, potatoes, rice, pasta etc. Snacks, eat all you want, delicious veggies and fruit. High carb, low fat vegan. (Some days raw to 4.)

It's been a week now and except for the 1st day and yesterday, I've felt completely satisfied, happy that I didn't have to feel guilt about eating lots of food, energized (I used to nap like - every day!), and thrilled that I finally did what I've wanted to.

If you want me to do more posts about eating this way, please leave a comment, and if you don't. Meeeh, I'll probably do it anyway ;)

Sorry for the long post so... Here's some potatoes (which by the way is like, my favorite vegan food - ever.)
 - Elk


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