Friday, 4 April 2014

Makeup: Dark Horse

Hello-oh! I don't know about you guys, but I purchased Katy Perry's recent album Prism, and I really liked it. Therefore, when I saw that a music video was released for Dark Horse, I got majorly excited! I loved all the costumes and makeup and extravaganza in that video! And needless to say I felt like making some Dark Horse inspired makeup!

I like the latter much better! I think the first one just looks kind of weird because I don't have a blue/turqoise that pops as much as Katy's. But I thought the second look was really fun!
Also.. If it's not visible, I can tell you right now that I got my hair cut, PIXIE! I know, kind of crazy. My hair wasn't really long anymore, it was a shorter, bob kind of style, but I decided I wanted to take the leap and go pixie. I have been now for... I don't know, a long time ;)
Next time I get a trim (it needs it) I'll try to take some pictures and show you guys.

Other news, I'm on Goodreads! So go ahead and follow me if you want to :) Elk's Goodreads

- Elk

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