Thursday, 8 September 2011

Haul: Mainly hair products

Hi'yall! I have a problem, well I have loads of 'em but one that in particularly bothers me. When I was younger I suffered from very greasy hair, so I just bought some shampoo for greasy hair and the problem was solved. But now, the grease has come back! So I went to but some shampoo for greasy hair and they had a sale. Well a couple :D

First of all they had a Syoss 2 for 1 sale, I meant to get two tubs of hairmask for my damaged hair but they were sold out. Instead I bought this conditioner..

And this heat protection spray. I've never had any heat protector product before (maybe that's why my hair is so damaged?) so I'm excited to use. The funny thing was that just when I had paid for these things, my friend turned to me and said "I've tried Syoss and I didn't like it!". I was laughing out loud and complaining that she hadn't told me sooner, so I hope it'll work for me!

This brand is the store's own brand, Matas' stripes. They had a shampoo sale 3 for some-danish-currency ;) This one is with honey and wheat extracts, I just thought that sounded very nice :)

This is the shampoo for greasy hair, it's called herbal shampoo and smells like that too, UGH! Ew ew, it better work!

This is for when you hair gets all.. Like, POOF because of electricity in the air and dry air. I hope it works, I always have a problem with that at winter ;)

Last but not leas! RED FEVER lipstick from Rimmel London. I just wanna say that I do belive this is going to be (very soon) or already is discontinued.

Wish me and my greasy hair luck, love Elk :)

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