Monday, 5 September 2011

Haul: Collection 2000

Hia, today I went to the doctor and after that I went shopping a little, they had a great sale! :D

First of all I got this, it's a highlight with very very sheer peachy in it. It's called "Just Peachy!". The flowers are very pigmentet but the white isn't that much and it has blue to it which ya don't really want down you nose ;)

Three loose pigments. The colours are (from left to rigth) mystery, paradise and sugarplum.

This one is a very dark charcoal that has a kind of grey/greenish shine.

This one is a suuuper nice warm lovely orange but it's wearable. Goldy/orange :D

Sugarplum is my favorite of all of these! It looks really pink but it's not! :D It's a beeeeautiful light red with the most incredible gold duo tone. L O V E I T!

Lipgloss, the colour is called Showgirl, the colour is hard to explain but comes up pretty right on the picture so just look there :)

Not very interesting, just a plain matte white eyeliner :)

Just a topcoat.

Last but not least, a nail polish in the colour Hot Purple, hard to explain, neat colour :)

Mmm, I'm feeling my cold melt away in a lovely hot cup'a'coffee. Fall is coming, it's getting colder but it's my favorite season so I don't complain :D

- Elk

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