Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Free to speak

Hey'yall. Lately something has been bothering me, exactly what I'm not sure of, but one thing that I'm sure has been bothering me is that my friend Marie knew about my blog and often checked it. In some way it was nice, but I constantly thought about what I could and couldn't write in here, and seriously, that was only ONE person, I mean, what if more people knew?
I know I know, it's childish, but to be honest I'm pouring my heart out in here sometimes and even though Marie is one of my best friends I like to have SOMETHING, SOMEWHERE on the internet that I can just.. Relax and say exactly what I want without my closest friends commenting and butting in. I regret, SO MUCH that I gave Marie the link for my blog and now.. I just hope she won't be able to google it :s

In general I've just been pretty pissed the last couple of days. Everything my friends did and said just made me angry and I hate myself for it but what can I say? I'm just in a bad mood I guess. HAPPY THOUGHTS THOUGH! I have soooo many plans for awesome blog posts starting tomorrow, like funny youtube clips (if I can figure out how to GET THEM IN HERE xD), favortie songs at the moment, books, make up, beauty products, monthly favorites and so on.

I love that I feel so independent! Love you! xo

- Elk

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