Monday, 8 June 2015

Haul: Hamburg - Budni

Hi guys! Yesterday my friend and I went on a roadtrip to Hamburg, Germany, because she wanted to go see a outdoor-store called Outdoor Aurüstung, and I wanted to go on a roadtrip! Other than the outdoor store, we also went to Biomarken Barmbek, a healthfood store, where I got some delicious vegan foods that I would show you, but I ate them all - YUM! Although if you're interested I just uploaded a video to my YouTube channel, a What I Eat in a Day video where some of those foods are featured.
But right now, I thought I'd show you a couple of bits and pieces I bought at Budni, a German drugstore.

I got a mascara from Essence called Plump no Clump Deep Black Volume Mascara, and a Velvet Matt Smokey Eyes Pencil from Catrice Cosmetics, in the colour 20 Avokhaki. It's en eyeliner with a smudger brush on the other end of the pencil, and the swatch shows the liner with and without being smudged.

Left to right; One Ginger Morning bodywash by Treacle Moon, oh this smells so lovely like ginger and a bit citrussy! I personally really enjoy the smell of ginger, but if you don't like it, this is probably not for you.
In the middle there is a Vanilla and Coconut bodyscrub from Budni Marken's own brand, Budni Care. I've used it a couple of times in the shower, and so far I quite enjoy it. Admittedly I don't have alot of experience in bodyscrubs, but I definitely like this way better than the previous one I used. I also want to note that this vanilla scent I find to be of the vanilla bourbon type, and yes - there is a difference in types of vanilla scents!
Last but not least, to the right is an Anti Grease shampoo with lemon balm from the brand Guhl. I've used this a couple of times, and do enjoy it as a shampoo, but can't state if I find it more helpful for my oily hair than other shampoos. 

On the left is a  Fresh Pommegranate deodorant, again from Budni's own brand Budni Care. Why did I buy something as simple as deodorant on roadtrip to Germany? Simple, Germany, as well as other European countries (that I know of) are much better at leaving out aluminium in their deodorants. A metal that is added to deodorants for it's abilities to fight off sweat for longer, however is also breast cancer inducing. In Denmark most deodorants have added aluminium, and seeing as I don't want breast cancer, I snatch up deodorants that doesn't have it when I find it in Danish stores, and when I go on trips to Germany, England etc.
On the right is another tub of my green hair dye from La Fiché, Directions Semi-Permanent in the shade apple green. It's not from Budni, but I thought I might mention it anyway.

Left to right, Luxury Laquers from Catrice Cosmetics in the shade 02 Mrs. Boombastic. I believe this might be from their Liquid Metal SHINY line, but that' just what I'm getting off the bottle.
Middle is Gellicious Nail Polish from Just in the shade 70 Be a Mistress. I've been trying some gel-type nail polishes, and liked them a fair bit, so I thought I'd try this out. To the right is 3in1 Top Coat from Just.

Essence Eyeshadow (from Essence, if you hadn't guessed) in the colour 18 All I Need. I. Love. This. Beautiful!

Last but not least, Stay Natural Concealer from Essence in the shade 01 Soft Beige, now I am fair/porcelain type shade, but this is absolutely fine! It's one of those twist-uppy ones that I really prefer for undereyes!

I hope you enjoyed my little haul and ramblings!
 - Elk

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