Sunday, 9 November 2014

Books: Bookforum in CPH 2014

Hi guys! To all of you who don't know, every year there is a book convention being hosted at the Bella Center Sky in Copenhagen, Denmark, called Bookforum. My friend and I have a tradition to go, and this is the 3rd year in a row that we've gone. We went yesterday, on the 8th of November.

I thought I show you a couple of pictures and the show you which books I bought as well!

I hope that from the pictures, you can kind of get an idea of what the feeling and convention/fair is like. It's really cool, there are stands from big and small publishers everywhere, stages where people are being interviewed, giving talks and discussing literature. There's a stage where baker's and chefs cook some food from their books, there is a poetry stage and fun stuff for the kids to do. All in all it's great! My friend and I went to hear Chris Carter talk about murder, a dude talk about how bacteria isn't all that bad as it's made out to be, we heard a Lucas Bianchedi talk about medicine in Medieval times and we heard Niviaq Korneliussen read from her new book Homo Sapienne, and more.

Now at the convention, there are some pretty sweet book deals, and I took advantage and carried a backpack full of 12 books home with me. My friend got some cookbooks and other stuff, and I got the following: (as to not make this post to long, I won't give descriptions, merely list and then you can look it up if you're interested)
 George D. Shuman thriller/crimes, original titles: "18 Seconds", "Last Breath" and "Lost Girls".

 Books I simply CAN'T wait to get into by the marvellous Haruki Murakami, jap and eng titles: "Suputoniku no koibito" AKA "Sputnik Sweetheart", "Umibe no Kafuka" AKA "Kafka on the Shore", "Hitsuji o meguru boken" AKA "A Wild Sheep Chase" and "Dansu, dansu, dansu" AKA "Dance Dance Dance".

 Kim Thúy original French title: "Ru". Anthology by different Danish authors, original Danish title: "Fortællinger om kærlighed".

Martin Walser original German title: "Ein liebender Mann". Konrad Lorenz original German title: "Das sogenannte Böse", in English "On Aggression". Lastly, Janet Skeslien Charles original English title: "Moonlight in Odessa".

A little note, in terms of the books and their titles. All of the ones I bought are in Danish, I've tried to give the original title in it's language and then the English title, if it wasn't originally English to begin with and if I could find an English title for it on I hope it was helpful!

 - Elk

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