Monday, 18 August 2014

Dating a Vegan

Hi guys.
A couple of days ago, I had a conversation with someone about dating a Vegan.
He said dating a Vegan would be a nuisance because "you wouldn't be able to take them anywhere". So, besides taking you Vegan significant other to a vegetarian, vegan or a raw food place these are my thoughts.
You can take a Vegan anywhere! They're trained to spot out and navigate through the jungle of the omnivorous world.

Here is a little story. After the last exam in the last semester, me and two others went out to a café for a celebratory "exams are over" brunch. At the café, they did not have a single thing that didn't contain meat or other animal products. Not even the salads. I figured,  if I was going to pay ridiculous prices for fancy café food, I didn't want to cop out and have a chicken salad - not chicken please. So I ordered a beef filet burger, no beef filet please. I have NEVER seen a waitress so confused in my life, it was actually ridiculously funny. So the waitress looked at me with her big round "what the heck are you talking about" look and said "so you just want the bread?". Dear lady, no I do not, I would like the beef filet burger, without the beef but with all the other stuff. If was so so so good! Definitely a dish I'm going to attempt to re-create at home.

None the less, my point was. If someone has lactose intolerance, or is allergic to a certain food they order it without it, why is that different from a Vegan ordering a beef filet burger without the beef?

Of course, this is not the only thing people take into account when thinking about dating a Vegan. Personally, I wouldn't be having second thoughts about dating someone who ate in a certain way, but I think the whole "dating a Vegan" thing is being wound up to being an issue because people have prejudices about Vegans, and honestly - when you decide to become a Vegan you are taking a pretty big stand of a number of political and idealistic matters.

Point of the story: please don't be discouraged to date a Vegan just because they're Vegan. Gosh I mean, if only Vegans could date Vegans I would probably never find anyone since I haven't met any Vegans IRL - in my LIFE!

 - Elk

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