Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Little things that make me a HAPPY VEGAN

Hi guys! Today is my 51st day as a vegan, and I'm looooovin' it!
I know it would have been more of a "milestone" if I posted this yesterday on my 50th day, but yesterday was an awful day so I'm doing it today.
This post is just going to be an assorted collection of pictures of things that make me a happy vegan.

Pure little juice-box size smoothies for a buck.

Delicious smoothie, cherry juice (from thawing frozen cherries) and banana.

100% plant soy-chocolate milk - better than the "real" thing!

An amazing vegetarian supermarket in Malmö, Sweden. Unfortunately I do not live there. :(

Delicious soy-"meat", red curry, coconut, veggie rice dish. Scrummy! Even my omnivore friend was very impressed.

Friggin' veggie wraps at McDonald's! *probably only vegetarian* None existent in Denmark!
So happy I didn't have to ask for: "a chicken salda without chicken, without cheese and without dressing please".

Freelee The Banana Girl's "Datorade". Tried it for the first time today, because I now have a blender!
So here's a couple of remarks about my veganism. 1) I live in Denmark, vegan "meats", "cheeses" and other special products for vegan DO NOT EXIST! However we do have soy milk, rice milk etc. and soy-ice-cream, but that's pretty much all. 2) Some of these foods, processed fake meats, McDonald's veggie wraps and soy-chocolate-milk aren't foods I eat often, I aim to eat raw 'till 4, whole foods, fruits, veggies and starches. 3) FREELEE THE BANANA GIRL IS MY GURU!

P.s. I will do a more in-depth post about this vegan thing that I've begun ;)

 - Elk

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