Saturday, 20 April 2013

Empties: April 2013

Hello you lovely people! I realized that it is time for another empties post! The collection of empty products build up faster than you notice really and I will try to post shorter empties but more often in the future.

I numbered 'em, ya like it? 1) Pure Skincare 3 in 1 cleansing wipes, not perfumed. I really like these wipes! Very nice and saturated, nicely priced and they didn't have that odd not-scented scent which some products can have. They didn't dry out before time etc. Would repurchase, but I think I have found my holy-grail wipes which are some other ones, but these one take 2nd place. 2) Facial cleansing wipes from Iseree. They wipes themselves are OK, but nothing amazing. After only a couple of uses, the sealing mechanism failed which your might know is pretty essential for wet-wipes and they therefore dried out fast. For the same price as the Pure wipes, I definitely won't repurchase.

3) Blackhead clearing scrub from Wallgreens' generic brand. I'm telling you right here, right now. It has been a struggle for me to use this up! It's really no good. A slippery base and some few rough beads just ain't cutting it! I ended up using it in the morning where you don't really have alot to clean off.
4) Christmas Surprises handcream from Oriflame. To be honest, I don't see what this has to do with Christmas. It's a berry scented thin handcream that wasn't really doing it for me and felt more appropriate for Spring than Christmas time.

5) Cherry Tree and Sweet Almond 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, again from Oriflame. First of all, disapponted about the scent, not at all as almondy and floral as I would have liked - plain. Second, shampoo and conditioner at the same time my arse! I actually found that this shampoo was quite drying to my hair. And lastly third, this didn't lather up nicely and creamy. It took alot of product for one use and felt rough on the hair. 6) Head and Shoulders Damage rescue care & repair conditioner. Lord in the heavens this smells wonderful! And for my normal to dry hair it was a very nice fulfilling conditioner, also it was good with my dandruff ridden hair.

7) Sad sad relationship I have with my Elvital products. I don't buy Elvital hair-care anymore even though this conditioner (and shampoo) used to be my favortie, but it upsets my dandruff so much! I got this from my friend who gave it to me because it gave her dandruff, my mom has also mentioned that Elivtal hair-care gives her dandruff. However, if someone hand some Elivtal over to me I will use it up, but not purcahse.

8) STAYglam lipcolor from Orilflame. This was a dual-ended colour and gloss. The colour part was awful so I sawed it off and just used the clear gloss. In the end though, as you can see it wasn't clear no more so I'm tossing it. 9) Hard Candy Plumbing Serum in Material Girl. I'm so so so upset this is not available in Denmark and I can't seem to find it online because I love this gloss and it's one of my top favorites. It gives a minty tinkle on the lips which I'm not to keen on, but it's mild. Oh but the colour, easy to wear, slap this and mascara on and you're good to go! 10) ELF Lucious Liquid Lipstick in Babylips. I really liked the texture and taste of this gloss (yes it's basically a gloss). However the colour didn't pay off, it' kind of just looked like a clean gloss, but on the other hand Babylips is a nude colour. Again, easy to wear, the way I like it.

11) Nivea 24h Extreme Resist lengthening mascara and goodness me this is extremely resisting! I'm quite positive that if a nuclear bomb exploaded, everything but this mascara would burn. There would just be little mascara tubes left, no eyelashes or anything. It sounds weird I know, but this mascara is really good! I went thorugh two of these and don't know where to get them regularly. The brush is amazing, the effect and the staying power. One con though, a bit hard to get off ;)
12) L'Oreal Voluminous Original mascara. Really liked this. Usually I prefer rubber brushes but I felt like the brush here was big enough to be volumizing but small enough as not to be obnoxious (is that you spell it, I don't think so...) and getting the lashes nice and coated.

Galore of randomness! 13) Sanex dermo intensive deodorant with vitamin E. Not really sure what the vitamin E is for, but hey, vitamins I guess is alwyas good. Unfortunately I don't like this deodorant. I felt like it didn't dry fast and didn't keep my skin dry. Also the design of it is good for haping standing at home and NOT for travelling unless you want deodorant all over your clothes. 14) No time for Shine pressed powder from VisionsV, colour ivory. I'm perfectly satisfied with this powder, as I am with most powders. 15) Nutra Nail High Gloss Topcoat, again I'm perfectly happy with this topcoat. It has a nice brush, it didn't go gloopy too quickly, about the HIGH gloss thing I don'y know, I think it was avergae shine. 16) Vanilla Kiss lipbalm for H&M. This I bought at Christmas 2011, it came in a duo pack and I'm working on finishing the other one right now because I DESPISE IT! Rather than curing my lips I feel like this made the chapped parts on my lips worse! Also it feels and smeels synthetic - yuck! 17) ELF undereye concealer and highlighter, I believe this is from the studio line. I really love the concealer part, but don't see the purpose of the highlighting part. The highlighter if you didn't blend it enough left white streaks and cast on you skin and if you blended it enough you basically blended it away. The concealer though was nice and creamy, lit up my undereye area, was delicious and saturated and lasted me a long time.

Samples galore! I know this is crazy, I should have fewer samples in each post! Anyway, these aren't numbered so I'll write about them left to right. Uniq One Cleansing Balm - didn't like. First of all, it's doesn't lather up because it's sulfate free. I'm sure that works for some but not for me and it meant that I actually used the whole sample at once. It made my hair oily (immidiately out of the shower) and heavy. I'm certain that I used this wrong, but I'm not going to try again! Mádara tinted moisturizer in rose beige. I kind of liked this and kind of didn't. I like it because I thought it had a BB cream thickness to it and it left a nice finish. However I didn't like it because it smells a bit odd, it has tiny tiny sparkles in it and it's kind... Sticky?.. Besides I didn't get it in my colour :( Murad anti-aging moisturizer with SPF. This was OK, I used it at a time where my skin was really in need of hydration and this simply didn't help. It was too thin.

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