Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Makeup: Experimenting with focus

Hi guys, today I was inspired by yesterday evening where I removed all my eye and cheek makeup and just wore a bright different lip, I thought I'd try it out for school today :D

Not certain of how visible it is due to bad lighting and bad camera. (Working on getting a new one) I went for a red and gold lip, so took a red lipstick on the corners of my lips, and placed a goldish (or you could use a nude) lipstick in the middle and afterwards dusted the gold center with gold eyeshadow. I'm not wearing any eyeshadows but I'm kiiind of wearing a bit more mascara than I wanted to, so tomorrow I'll try this look again in another colour and a more sheer blush so focus only will be on the lips.

- Happy new year from Elk!


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