Sunday, 1 September 2013

Definitely a setback

Hey guys. So, my last post was in May. Wow, that's a long time ago! And I'll tell you what happened. Ever since I lost my camera which my parents gave me for my 18th birthday, a year go now, blogging-wise I've been going down hill. I've been feeling so guilty for loosing it. Evidently the camera probably has been stolen considering the fact that I moved out of boarding school, graduated this summer, and when I packed my room the camera didn't appear. Also it hasn't been found at home. Given the fact that at school dozens of people have had their cameras stolen, I'm probably another victim.

None the less, I've been feeling crappy and guilty about it. Taken in to account what an important part pictures are in my blog, loosing the camera was a major crisis. I don't feel like my phone-camera quality is good enough and I really hoped that I needn't go back to my old camera.
That in combination with exams, hunting for new apartment, graduating, moving to a new city and starting up a new education has taken a toll on the blog.

I thought about the blog many times, how I really should get back in the game and how I myself hate blogs that end up like this one, no new updates. But, let's not cry over spilled milk. Now I made this update and we'll see how the future goes.

 - Elk

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